Terms of Sale

We accept payment by Electronic Money Transfer (Interac through online banking)  only. 

We must be amazingly successful because Paypal has suspended three separate accounts that we use, so time to part company with that high-handed US controlled company, or more correctly "FUCK YOU PAYPAL"!!!

US and International customers please contact us for payment options while we regroup on this.  

You can pay by money order mailed to

Collector's Source

P.O. Box 474

Acton, ON


L7J 2M6

We are in CANADA... Prices are CANADIAN DOLLARS.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not supply tracking information. All of our orders are tracked in case there is a problem with delivery but we do not provide tracking. There is a bug on our web site that allows selection of tracking and a fee of $9.50 but this does not work if you check it off and you are NOT charged $9.50. Please do not waste your time and ours by e-mailing us for tracking information. 

We are ONLINE only.............NO TELEPHONE ORDERS

Don't ask if you can "Pick Up" your order
and we won't have to disappoint you by saying NO.

We ship primarily by Post and we track every shipment for our purposes but do not supply tracking numbers as

that is time consuming and we have better things to do. Please do not ask for tracking number as we will not respond.

We sell used commercial and military firearms as collector's items. If you want to shoot

these firearms you must have them checked by someone competent to do so prior to use. 


Since we have no control over the conditions of use including the type of ammunition we
assume no responsibility for damage to property or person if a purchaser chooses to shoot
any firearm purchased from Collector's Source.


We sell deactivated firearms as military artifacts only. It is illegal to alter the deactivation
in any way. Although safe storage regulations do not apply to deactivated firearms you
must exercise common sense in the display and use of these items since members of the
public and police forces cannot determine these are deactivated without close inspection.


Returns:     If any item is not as described or if some defect is discovered that was not previously
observed we will take it back within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 14 days, for a refund
of the purchase price and applicable taxes (but not the shipping cost). We require notification of the
problem and the item must be returned prepaid, insured to us prior to refund. 

US Clients
All prices are in Canadian Dollars.  We cannot ship live ammunition across the border. You cannot import Russian Rifles. You need a licenced US Firearms Importer to import live firearms, not simply an FFL. Please research that yourself before ordering. You can purchase and import antique firearms to ship by mail.  Cross border shipping is more expensive than domestic US shipping. Please read our returns policy above.
For MILITARY items, or things that LOOK like military items the maximum declared value is $100.00. US Customs requires an import permit for any military items over $100.00 in value. Since we cannot insure for  greater than the declared value of $100.00, all risks are yours. Please make sure you understand this before sending payment.